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Replacement for Laptop Batteries COMPAQ 291694-001
VAT Free!
US $ 117.79
Replacement for Camcorder Batteries SONY NP-FM50
VAT Free!
US $ 15.67
Replacement for PDA Batteries Holux GM-270Ultra GPS receiver Tech Spec
VAT Free!
US $ 112.87
A Note for Discounted Camcorder Batteries:
All camcorder batteries are built up with high-qualified cells to reach their maximum utilization.
We are a distributor specializing in batteries, battery chargers and other accessories. Lithium batteries are widely used in digital cameras now. We have plenty of brands --- with large proportions of them are LI-ION, some of them are Ni-MH batteries. We also have a group of experienced technical experts who can provide some free assistance if necessary.
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