China Aims To Be the Dominant Player of Lithium Batteries


The Power storage technology is the most important foundation of the new energy industry, and the Tesla of the MODEL3 is now the most attention-grabbing and the most actively developing battery technology enterprises, Tesla and Panasonic’s Super Factory program is now in the US as an emerging industry that creates a lot of jobs and is poised to expand globally, but in fact China is the biggest battery-maker in the future and will be far more productive than Tesla’s Super factory.

It is reported that China’s new battery factory adds up to 2021 years ago one will produce at least 120GWh of lithium batteries, enough to provide one years 1.5 million models or 1.37 million Toyotaprius plug-in hybrid electric vehicles used. Tesla’s super battery plant, which was completed in 2018, produces at most 35GWh of lithium batteries each year.

In the past, smartphones, laptops and other personal electronics have already used lithium batteries, but demand for lithium batteries has exploded, not just for electric cars, but also for power companies to install giant storage systems to store wind and solar power. Tesla produced nearly 84,000 electric vehicles last year, with 500,000 units expected in 2018.

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to the battery industry, trying to win market dominance, now around 55% of the world’s lithium-ion battery production from China, the United States accounted for only 10%, by 2021, the expected Chinese market share will grow to 65%, the main driving force is still government policy, the Chinese government view lithium battery industry is

Globally, the 2021 global battery capacity will grow from now 103GWh to 1 time times 273GWh, which is a huge business opportunity, China has long been eyeing. 3 years ago, Tesla’s Super factory plans to trumpet the global competition for battery manufacturing, with China fully developing.

Tesla plans to announce the location of another 4 factories 2017 years ago, one of which will be in Shanghai. Although Chinese companies rarely reach such a large production scale as Tesla, although China lacks the dominant battery giant, many SMEs in China are enough to occupy the market, including Ampere technology, Tianjin power God dozens of.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government announced it was going to integrate battery manufacturers to promote mature industries, while the Chinese government plans to let 5 million electric cars on the highway 2020 years ago. The report said the Chinese government is ambitious to develop electric cars, mainly because of the increasing pressure on cities such as Baoding, Xingtai and Shijiazhuang to create a domestic market for Chinese battery makers, to gain a foothold in the global market.