The World’s Most Mini Lithium Battery


On July 16, the world’s smallest Ultra thin lithium battery was put into production.

The 4mm diameter, 5mm height, the world’s smallest rechargeable lithium battery, is “mini” and is very powerful. It is reported that the battery is lithium titanate battery, unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, it has strong heat resistance performance, can be in – 35 ℃ to 65 ℃ condition for charging.

In addition, the charging efficiency is also very striking, general need a few hours or even longer to full of batteries, and the only need two minutes to fully charged batteries, satisfy the need of quick charge. Currently, the battery is mainly used in electronic devices such as recording pens and hearing AIDS.

The world’s smallest rechargeable lithium battery went into production yesterday. According to the introduction, the first phase investment of 40 million yuan, the annual output value of 200 million, the phase ii project will also be put into production in October, the annual output value will reach 600 million RMB.